Under parking lot sky information disclosure of Enoshima, Shonan Coast area    The Enoshima garden lantern 2017 from Tuesday, August 1 to 31st morning of Thursday Fra Sunday, August 27 fourth

Today's business hours

Sunday, August 20, 2017
Samuel cocking Land
From 9:00 to 20:00
Enoshima Iwaya
From 9:00 to 19:00   
New Enoshima Aquarium
From 9:00 to 20:00
The Katase west beach, Kugenuma beach
Swimming is possible
Katase Higashihama beach
Swimming is possible
Tsujido beach
Swimming is possible

Update of business hours is about 9:00 of the day

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RSS List
Enoshima garden lantern 2017 From Enoshima entrance to Iwaya, more than 1000 garden lanterns form a line and, with cool tone of wind-bell, let you feel atmosphere of the sum of Japan. Design that legend of Enoshima was associated with "celestial maiden and five dragons" is made on garden lantern, and the whole Enoshima is given fantastic space.
We hold "fujisawa Enoshima fireworks display" of 2017 on Saturday, October 21 on fujisawa Enoshima fireworks display Saturday, October 21. It is recruiting supporters of fujisawa Enoshima fireworks display now! Please enliven nofujisawa Enoshima fireworks display together this year! We launch as supporters fireworks of approximately three minutes for fireworks display. As we take special treatment seat of wheelchair again (drawn lots in the case of a lot of limited 30 people ※ applications.), please see homepage in detail.
It is site that can know the situation of neighboring parking lots with smartphones before arriving at Enoshima during soft-headed Mitsuru King sky information disclosure of Enoshima, Katasekaigan area. When Shimauchi is full, we can choose the use of easy parking lot nearby. Furthermore, please utilize as you can know information such as slip roads beforehand in rate, use time for parking lot.
While feeling the wind and waves in the morning in held (the fourth) morning refreshing beach on Fra Sunday, August 27; of hula do not experience? We can learn the beginning of hula with lecturer in morning sandy beach. Participation is free, and all any people regardless of age or sex can participate.
"rurubu Fujisawa" was replaced with a new one and was issued! "rurubu Fujisawa" that information of Fujisawa-shi was jam-packed renewed and issued. Sightseeing in fujisawa goodwill ambassador "Takeshi Tsuruno" is booklet of cover. As advantageous coupon is published, please use when you see the sights of Fujisawa-shi.
Beach of Katasekaigan opens with sea difference of Enoshima Miami Beach show 2017 July 1 as a start until August 31. Let alone seaside cottage which made an elaborate plans, various beach events are held. 
How about Shonan, Fujisawa souvenir during original T-shirt tote bag lunch back sale? We sell original T-shirt tote bag lunch background that we can purchase only here.
Under advantageous item "Enoshima 1day passport" sale! We sell advantageous furi-pasuchiketto "Enoshima 1day passport" which "tourist facility of Shimauchi is available to again and again all day long" for 1,000 yen.

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Sightseeing in fujisawa goodwill ambassador

Today nofujisawa

2017.0820 08:35
Treasure house of nature new Hiroshi Hayashi garden

 "New forest Park" gaa which spreads through green valley on foot from Fujisawa Station to approximately 15 minutes…More

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