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2018 beach volleyball holding essential points

We gather in a hall in lovers of beach volleyball in beach volleyball birthplace, Kugenumakaigan, Fujisawa-shi in Japan and widen ring of the friendship and hold meeting to plan the spread of beach volleyballs and expansion of the base.
Meeting name
Beach volleyball permanent construction coat opening memory meeting Thursday, May 3  This meeting was finished.
Marine Day memory meet Saturday, July 21, 22nd Sunday  This meeting was finished.
Beach volleyball Shonan Saturday, August 4, 5th Sunday   This meeting was finished.
Kugenumakaigan, Fujisawa-shi permanent construction beach volleyball coat (address: 1-17-3, Kugenumakaigan, Fujisawa-shi ahead)
Approximately 10 minutes on foot from Odakyu Enoshima Line Kugenuma-Kaigan Station
Participation qualification
Team which person (regardless of the Fujisawa-shi inside and outside) 15 years or older and association detected
・Two boys system
・Two girls system
・Four free system (regardless of sex)
※But we remove beach S grade registrant, the beach volleyball Japan participants
・Four beginners system (regardless of sex)
※But team or team of beginner of person that beach S, Class A registrant (the past, the present), Madonna, the youth, volleyball experience except the peer cup national convention participants are light
※It is past, and winning a prize team, individual in four system class is impossible of participation.
※The number of the applications for beginner class sets a limit to the total number on account of the use coat. (it should be the deadline on day when we reached the number of the aims.)
Participation expense
Four two system 2,000 yen system 4,000 yen (the collection on that day)
Participation application
Please apply with double postal card in the following schedule.
Each meeting name, held schedule
The 24th permanent construction coat opening memory meeting
Two Thursday, May 3 boys system, four free system, two girls system, four beginners system spare day: Thursday, May 3

The application starting date: Thursday, March 29 final day (must arrive): Thursday, April 19

Meeting commemorative on the 24th Marine Day
On two Saturday, July 21 boys system, four free system, two girls system spare day (21st, 22nd): Sunday, July 29
Four Sunday, July 22 beginners system ※Reception desk team total number target beginner is 210 teams

The application starting date: Friday, June 8 final day (must arrive): Friday, July 6

The 26th beach volleyball Shonan
On two Saturday, August 4 boys system, four free system, two girls system spare day (4th, 5th): Sunday, August 19
Four Sunday, August 5 beginners system ※Reception desk team total number target beginner is 210 teams

The application starting date: Friday, June 22 final day (must arrive): Friday, July 20

Application method
Apply with double postal card as follows. (we are assigned to one team participation and need one piece)
As for the member registration, it becomes just four person from two two system /4 systems.
It is said that entry is to each meeting alone first kind.
In reading simple as for the team name and uncrowded less than eight characters! (inappropriate prohibition term impossibility)
Please add free kana to full name, team name.
We accept, and confirmation ships reply card (participation vote).
Double postal card entry example
[letter sent to get a reply postcard]
[reply card]
The surface
The back side
The surface
The back side
The double postal card surface
The double postal card back side
The reply card surface
The reply card back side
〒251-0037 1-17-3, Kugenumakaigan, Fujisawa-shi surf village Fujisawa-shi mirai creation foundation
①We follow beach competition rule, but use some local rule.
②It is change courts with all score items, multiple of both seven points of 21 points of rally point system one set matches teams
③Two high net boys system: Four 2m43cm-free system, four beginners system: Two 2m38cm girls system: 2m24㎝
④Entry of the same meeting is the first kind per person. Entry to both two system and four systems is impossible.
⑤As filling a vacancy does not detect, as for the two system, two people, four system become entry of four people.
When we accept in front of opening ceremony of 9:00 and are not finished, we consider to be renunciation.
Game form
We perform qualifier league match of three teams and carry out the final round between first place teams.
We would like game judgment by participation team.
In addition, the head umpires more than the semifinals assume association umpire, but may ask.
On prior confirmation Fujisawa-shi mirai creation foundation homepage, please confirm.
       ※Even if it is weather which forecast on the day can hold, there be possibility removing coat under the influence of typhoons
        Please confirm on masunode, the beforehand by all means homepage mentioned above.

Reference on the day of the executing the event on a light rainy day (after 7:00 a.m.)
       Association of Fujisawa-shi volleyball: TEL080-5097-6669
       mirai creation foundation village: TEL0466-30-1696
       ※We can confirm on Fujisawa-shi mirai creation foundation homepage.
Each item championship, runner up, third place (two teams)
Reception hours, opening ceremony
Reception hours: It is (punctuality) opening ceremony until from 8:30 to 9:00: From 9:00 (by all the members participation)
Kugenumakaigan, Fujisawa-shi surf village Fujisawa-shi mirai creation foundation
TEL: 0466-30-1696
From 9:00 to 17:00 (in July, August, possible on Monday) except first / third Monday
Sponsorship, control, support
Sponsorship: Association of Fujisawa-shi volleyball, Fujisawa-shi mirai creation foundation, (public corporation) Fujisawa-shi tourist association
Control: Association of Fujisawa-shi volleyball
Support: Fujisawa-shi, the Fujisawa-shi Board of Education
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