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Annual event

※Or, by convenience, change may be called off in holding place, date. For more details, please refer.


New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine
The date and time: From January 1 to 2018 are Monday, January 1
Place: Each shrines and temples

The beginning of one year after all from New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine! It be good year!

Enoshima winter tulip
The date and time: From the beginning of January to the end
Place: Enoshima Samuel cocking Land

20,000 tulips which bloom in warm winter of Shonan.

Tulip more than 20,000 makes Enoshima Samuel cocking Land bloom all at once and provides slightly early spring.

The New Year, Enoshima history walk (visiting 7, Fujisawa Fukugami)
The date and time: 2018 is Wednesday every year for from Sunday, January 7 to 31st for from 7 to 31 on January
Place: The city

During period, stamp is prepared for by each Shinto shrine, Buddhist temple of the Seven Deities of Good Luck. We recruit stamps on mount. We pray for the safety of one year, and let's circulate through the Seven Deities of Good Luck!

Miniature shrine training meet during cold
The date and time: 2018 is Sunday, January 21 in the middle of January
Place: Katasekaigan Higashihama

We celebrate adult and are event that miniature shrine called kaijotogo (kaijotogyo) enters the sea. After having finished Shinto ritual, miniature shrine enters the cold sea like a brick.