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Annual event

※Or, by convenience, change may be called off in holding place, date. For more details, please refer.


Gentler slope flower peach Festival
The date and time: Beginning of April Saturday, April 7, 2018
Place: 108, Yoda, Fujisawa-shi (in front of Onoue engineering firm)

Flower peach town that red, white, pink, 400 or more including competition between two teams peach are in full glory

First day of the Serpent days of the year festival
The date and time: 2018 is Saturday, April 7 on day of the first day of the Serpent days of the year
Place: Eshima Shrine

The Eshima Shrine's greatest festival. There is sammuki of konheishi from Shinto shrine central government office.

Colors-Fest!enoshima2018 - Enoshima sign of spring bodily sensation Festival
The date and time: 2018 is from Saturday, April 14 to Sunday, June 10 for from the end to the beginning of June during April
Place: Enoshima Samuel cocking Land others

Spring flower is colored beautifully in Enoshima Samuel cocking Land and reaches the most gorgeous season in one year. When you visit Enoshima by all means to feel coming of spring, do you do with squid?

Distant Fujitake charcoal festival
The date and time: 2018 is Sunday, April 15 in the middle of April
Place: Forest of Endo health

Festival that can taste demonstration of bamboo charcoal and spring taste.

Anniversary of the temple founder's death
The date and time: 30, Heisei is Tuesday every year for from Saturday, April 21 to 24th for from 21 to 24 on April
Place: Play line temple

It is spring event to perform memorial service of Saint Honen Buddhist memorial service of person from play line 4s bookmaking sea.

Village Festival of Miyahara lotus flower
The date and time: 2018 is Sunday, April 29 for the late April and early May
Place: Miyahara (mokukyushirikawadai*kyoshitaryufukin)

It is good we take a walk through wind of early summer in spite of being reputation with lotus flower in many rice fields, and to see!