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Annual event

※Or, by convenience, change may be called off in holding place, date. For more details, please refer.


Beach volleyball permanent construction coat opening memory meeting  
The date and time: 2018 is Thursday (holiday) on May 3 in the beginning of May
Place: Beach volleyball coat

It is meeting to tell opening of season of beach volleyball.
We meet many participants from senior to beginner and are performed.

Festival of spring green and flower
The date and time: Every year May 4, 5th 2018 May 4 Friday (holiday), 5th (soil, celebration)
Place: Nagakubo Park

New green and flower are full festivals.
Consultation corners where are green brass band mini-SL

Child Festival
The date and time: Every year May 5 2018 May 5 (soil, celebration)
Place: Forest of boy

Mini-railroad ride society, petit rocket launching, field bingo others.
Sponsorship: Association of Fujisawa-shi young people

Shonan Enoshima "Queen of the sea" & "prince of the sea" contest
The date and time: 2018 is Sunday, May 13 in the middle of May
Place: Fujisawa business and industry hall Mina park

Contest to decide Queen and prince representing Shonan Enoshima for one year.
It is contest to decide prince of Queen & sea of the sea playing an active part in PR of Fujisawa-shi and various events.
When it is applied?

2018 Fujisawa industrial festival
The date and time: 2018 is Sunday for Saturday, May 26, 27 days in the end of May
Place: Chichibu shrine memory gymnasium, Fujisawa civic center others

Because there are many companies running business such as technique, industrial arts, special product, sightseeing, agriculture, stock raising and is located in Fujisawa-shi, it is event to introduce commerce and industry product and special product to widely outside the city.