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Annual event

※Or, by convenience, change may be called off in holding place, date. For more details, please refer.


Sea difference
The date and time: 2018 is Sunday, July 1 every year on July 1
Place: Katasekaigan

It is the arrival of season of Shonan, summer.
Shinto ritual is carried out in Katasekaigan, and beach finally opens!

Enoshima Four Devas festival "shinyokaijotogo"
The date and time: 2018 is Sunday, July 8 in the middle of July
Place: Enoshima - Katasekaigan Higashihama

It is Yasaka-jinja Shrine of Enoshima and festival of Koyurugi Shrine.
Miniature shrine enters the sea with shout that energy is good for the summer sea.
Miniature shrine goes to Koyurugi Shrine through in front of Ryuuguchi temple from Enoshima.

Flag of surrender Shinto shrine annual festival
The date and time: 2018 is Saturday every year for from Sunday, July 15 to 21st for from 15 to 21 on July
Place: Flag of surrender Shinto shrine

To date, by summer festival proud of the history of 250 years to, Yoshitsune portable shrine, two formidable man portable shrines perform shikotogo.
Person miniature shrine watching swells all in one body.

Meeting commemorative on beach volleyball Marine Day
The date and time: 2018 is Sunday for Saturday, July 21, 22 days for the end during July
Place: Kugenumakaigan beach volleyball coat

There is summer sandy beach of Mecca Kugenuma of beach volleyball of Japan, and hot fight is developed.

"The world's biggest scooping goldfish"
The date and time: 2018 is Sunday, July 22 in the end of July
Place: Around Fujisawa Station north exit

We challenge the world's longest scooping goldfish!

Picture which city primary schoolchild drew around the Fujisawa Station north exit where "the world's biggest scooping goldfish" is held is made as oriental lamp, and mall can hang.

Tray of Fujisawa accommodation play line
The date and time: End of July Friday, July 27, 2018, 28th Saturday, 29th Sunday
Place: Around play line temple, Fujisawa-shi mall

Bon festival dance and performing the prayer's dance are shown at play line temple and around Fujisawa-shi mall of "chanting religious dance" said to be the origin of Bon festival dance.
He/she participates in Bon festival dance of precincts and around Fujisawa Station mall of play line temple in dusk, and how?