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Annual event

※Or, by convenience, change may be called off in holding place, date. For more details, please refer.


Ryuuguchi law of temples shortage society (we get one anything)
The date and time: 2017 is Wednesday every year for from Monday, September 11 to 13th for from 11 to 13 on September
Place: Ryuuguchi temple

Festival that botamochi is sprinkled on for box nun of Kamakura picking up sesame botamochi on pot lid on the way, and having held a service for that lotus saint is taken to entrance of dragon.

Thin prayer to Buddha meeting (Japanese pampas grass does not lie down hit obtain)
The date and time: 2017 is Friday, September 15 every year on September 15
Place: Play line temple

Enoshima Festival 2017
The date and time: 2017 is from Saturday, September 16 to Sunday, November 5 for the mid-September and mid-November
Place: Enoshima others

From Shonan smile and spirit!

Season when the beautiful shore and sea breeze can sense original charm that Shonan has pleasantly bodily in autumn.

Experience-based event that began in 2009 to have you sense autumn of this Shonan bodily is "ko nofesu".

Uto mother intellect Shinto shrine annual festival (depression rice cake as for pitching a camp)
The date and time: 2017 is Sunday, September 17 on Sunday every year third in September
Place: Uto mother intellect Shinto shrine

Anniversary of the temple founder's death
The date and time: 2017 is Sunday every year for from Thursday, September 21 to 24th for from 21 to 24 on September
Place: Play line temple

It is autumn event to perform memorial service of Saint Honen Buddhist memorial service of shusoichihenjojin. There are city and stall in the precincts and is lively.

Koide River cluster amaryllis Festival
The date and time: 2017 is Saturday, September 23 for the end during September
Place: Koide River Oguro Bridge (Endo, Fujisawa-shi) - oidekyo (Serizawa, Chigasaki-shi)

Cluster amaryllis which extends over 3 kilos in length along the Koide River flowing through Endo district located in the northern part of Fujisawa-shi, and grows in colonies.

Looking askance at can enjoy walk with cluster amaryllis continuing forever while seeing.

Perfect spot that Mount Fuji can overlook in the distance on fine day. Tens of thousands of cluster amaryllises are in full glory from late September through early October in in full bloom.

Fujisawa citizen Festival
The date and time: 2017 is Sunday for Saturday, September 23, 24 days in the end of September
Place: Around Fujisawa Station, Akibadai culture gymnasium

Large parade or marching belt more than 10,000 are performed every year.
Miniature shrine or branch overflow with many people around Fujisawa Station.