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Annual event

※Or, by convenience, change may be called off in holding place, date. For more details, please refer.


Crop sightseeing walk rally
The date and time: Middle of November Saturday, November 17, 2018
Place: District in northern Fujisawa-shi

We go to goal with the help of map in course of approximately 6 kilos in total length.

We establish checkpoint in the middle of course and can do agriculture experiences such as harvest of vegetables there.

Enoshima sea candlelight up
The date and time: Late November and early February from Friday, November 23, 2018 to Sunday, February 17, 2019
Place: Enoshima sea candle

Festival ... of light and color to color Kanto three vast illuminations authorization "jewel of Shonan" - Enoshima

Enoshima sea candlelight up which gives glory to start of "jewel of Shonan." Enoshima top part shines by colorful illuminations. Particularly, night sky can enjoy between skies of fantastic light that star seems to fall when we look up at Enoshima sea candle from bottom.

One fire (hitotsubi) of play line temple
The date and time: 2018 is Tuesday, November 27 every year on November 27
Place: Play line temple

We confess various crimes of one year, and heart and soul are events to cleanse, and to reach new age.