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Cluster amaryllis of the Koide River
It looks like we photographed on September 25, 2016 of last year. It looks like we photographed on September 25, 2016 of last year.

Admiration period
The late September and early October (in full bloom: around the equinoctial week)

[cluster amaryllis of the Koide River]
Cluster amaryllis which extends over 3 kilos in length along the Koide River flowing through Endo district located in the northern part of Fujisawa-shi, and grows in colonies.
Looking askance at can enjoy walk with cluster amaryllis continuing forever while seeing. Perfect spot that Mount Fuji can overlook in the distance on fine day.
Tens of thousands of cluster amaryllises are in full glory from late September through early October in in full bloom.

Cluster amaryllis of the Koide River
Cluster amaryllis of the Koide River
P mark → Temporary parking lot (from September 16 to October 7)
Restroom mark → Restroom (from September 16 to October 7)
Shop mark → Festival venue refreshment stand (September 23, 24th)

The tenth Koide River cluster amaryllis Festival

Cluster amaryllis of the Koide River

September 23, 2017 (soil, celebration) 
From 10:00 a.m. to 15:00
   Executing the event on a light rainy day rainy weather postponement

Elephant ceremony venue << Samukawa-machi young people open space >>
(from oidekyo the 170m down stream)
serizawa venue (from new above-road bridge 100m)
Endo venue (from Oguro Bridge the 180m down stream)
Uchimodori ceremony venue (from Oguro Bridge the 1,000m down stream)

Event: Refreshment stand, photograph exhibition
Refreshment stand opens a store on (September 23, 24th) for a limited time, too.

①Elephant ceremony venue
 We have branch or the live concert in flea market, refreshment stand on 23rd, 24th.
②serizawa venue
・There is branch of refreshment stand on 23rd.
③Endo venue
・We have branch or photograph display of refreshment stand on 23rd, 24th.
④Uchimodori venue
・We have branch or outdoor tea ceremony (only on 23rd) of refreshment stand on 23rd, 24th.

We take a walk, and let's meet stomach at refreshment stand which hometown opens if slight change of mind is not crowded!

In commemoration of the cluster amaryllis Festival tenth anniversary,
  We hold cluster amaryllis stamp rally connecting four venues.

 ☆Holding date: Saturday, September 23, 2017, 24th Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00☆

 * We walk Koide River area that we were able to color red with cluster amaryllis beautifully, and let's collect stamps!
 * We present premium to person who collected four stamps by the first arrival in each venue!
 * We will experience splendor of Koide River area in this chance!

 ※Have one premium because of one piece of mount of stamp rally; hand.
 ※As for the stamp rally, I would like participation with one piece of one mount.
 ※As you cannot take responsibility in Koide River cluster amaryllis group meeting about accident that happened during stamp rally participation, you are careful enough when you walk in riverside, and please enjoy stamp rally and cluster amaryllis festival.

Cluster amaryllis of the Koide River
①Sagawa Shrine
Sagami country only big shrine made hohei in money of the Emperor Yuryaku approximately 1,500 years ago
②It is city JA Sagami noisily
Because it is registered producer, fresh fresh vegetables such as vegetables, egg, flower arrangement are reliable
③mitohausu KANEKO
We are doing production of stage pork direct sale. Business day Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10:00 to 17:00
Sagawa Shrine It is city JA Sagami noisily mitohausu KANEKO
3916, Miyayama, Samukawa-machi, Koza-gun 233-1, Miyayama, Samukawa-machi, Koza-gun 3392, Uchimodori, Fujisawa-shi
④Uto mother intellect Shinto shrine
Old shrine where religious service was carried out as for the enshrined deity in yayasanreishin for 466 years in the Christian era, and there was shinkakannagikoto
We are doing Old architecture cultural activities of merchant's family in culture building of the Showa era, 90 old
⑥"jimonosan" hometown producer direct sale
Business day, fire immediately same as for the vegetables that we were able to take morning sun to back in sale virginity, from 8:30 to 15:00
Uto mother intellect Shinto shrine seiiwajiyakushido "jimonosan" hometown producer direct sale
2661, Uchimodori, Fujisawa-shi 2661, Uchimodori, Fujisawa-shi 6588, Endo, Fujisawa-shi
It is open wound by 1519 nenkitajoshikashinsenhado*shu in Sojiji direct end
⑧Chigasaki village forest Park
There is village forest-style open space, pond which made use of nature in hill country Tando part where rich green remains
⑨Chair Shinto shrine
It is said that Yamato Takeru sits on stone in this ground in the case of gohigashisei and looks at Oyama and took a break
*senji Chigasaki village forest Park Chair Shinto shrine
6094, Endo, Fujisawa-shi 1030, Serizawa, Chigasaki-shi 2170, Serizawa, Chigasaki-shi
Information for access
Address: Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa (Endo venue)

"Keio University" for from Odakyu Line Shonandai Station west exit "Keio University" drop off walk ten minutes
"Trimming off" for from JR Tsujido Station north exit "Keio University" drop off walk one minute

 Sponsorship: Koide River cluster amaryllis group meeting
 Samukawa-machi Industry Promotion Section
 TEL: 0467-74-1111
Cluster amaryllis of the Koide River

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