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Event news (event in now being held, few days)

As for the only extra-large 2 shaku ball, as for the large fireworks that it is to approximately 480m in diameter, unmissable in the air in Shonan area washed ashore at holding clear night sky on fujisawa Enoshima fireworks display October 20. We enjoy sightseeing and move to the shore in the daytime before the evening. Family, please thoroughly enjoy the finest fireworks projected by the sky and sea level all together in autumn.
The interesting garbage championship special date that we picked up: We hold interesting garbage championship special beach clean that we picked up on Sunday, October 21. Do you not do Nara beach clean in search of interesting garbage together?
We start Shonan Monorail ❝ perfect world ❞ service from movie "miracle that there is with perfect world you" exhibition memory tie-up Friday, October 5. We sell movie public memory special entrance D form hard ticket on a qualified scale. For more details, please see homepage.
Under recruitment of the 29th "crop sightseeing walk rally" participants! Let's enjoy walking while doing harvest of held vegetables experience on Saturday, November 17! [effective prior application Wednesday, October 31 postmark]
About damage of bell of dragon love Because bell of dragon love was damaged under the influence of typhoon 24, it is in a condition to have removed.
"rurubu Fujisawa" was replaced with a new one and was issued! "rurubu Fujisawa" that information of Fujisawa-shi was jam-packed renewed and issued. Sightseeing in Fujisawa goodwill ambassador "Takeshi Tsuruno" is booklet of cover. As advantageous coupon is published, please use when you see the sights of Fujisawa-shi.
Recruitment of 2020 cheering party Fujisawa big wave start & members! It enlivens the Olympics Paralympics triggered by 2020, and "2020 cheering party Fujisawa big waves" to connect well of future town start and are recruiting member registration now. For more details, please see official homepage.
It is site that can know the situation of neighboring parking lots with smartphones before arriving at Enoshima during parking sky information disclosure of Enoshima, Katasekaigan area. When Shimauchi is full, we can choose the use of easy parking lot nearby. Furthermore, please inflect by all means as you can know information such as slip roads beforehand in rate, use time for parking lot.
How about Shonan, Fujisawa souvenir during original T-shirt tote bag lunch back sale? We sell original T-shirt tote bag lunch background that we can purchase only here.
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