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Event news (event in now being held, few days)

The Fujisawa industrial festival 2018 date: We come on Sunday on Saturday, May 26, 27th and experience! We will go to Fujisawa industrial festival 2018!
It is "sightseeing in Fujisawa goodwill ambassador" this year, and, in "Fujisawa industrial festival performed around Fujisawa civic center in every year on live 2018 - sea candles and 43 years old - Saturday, May 26 on Takeshi Tsuruno birthday," concert by Takeshi Tsuruno is performed.
Under recruitment of Enoshima cruising & sea patrol experience participants [the June 4 deadline]
News business reopening day of "Enoshima Iwaya" business resumption: Saturday, April 28 9:00 a.m. ...
We suffer damage for typhoon 21st that we hit in October, 2017 and, about "Enoshima Iwaya that did shut sinus from October 23, the same year," reopen business after an interval of 187 days.
With the business reopening of news Enoshima Iwaya of "Enoshima 1day passport" sale resumption, Enoshima 1day passport which canceled sale starts sale from Saturday, April 28.
Recruitment of 2020 cheering party Fujisawa big wave start & members! It enlivens the Olympics Paralympics triggered by 2020, and "2020 cheering party Fujisawa big waves" to connect well of future town start and are recruiting member registration now. For more details, please see official homepage.
Colors-Fest!enoshima2018 - Enoshima sign of spring bodily sensation Festival - period: Spring Enoshima is colored in beautiful flowers for from Saturday, April 14 to Sunday, June 10, and crimson rose of cocking Land flowers all at once and invites the most gorgeous season in one year. Please sense color of flower, color of the setting sun, colors various in spring Enoshima including art bodily.
Making soba experience classroom side dojo studio "Matsumotokan" Matsumotokan carries out making soba experience classroom every month in sightseeing PR hall of sister city "Matsumoto-shi, Nagano" of Fujisawa-shi on second Sunday with every Friday. Do you not eat Teuchi soba which you hit by oneself by all means?
It is site that can know the situation of neighboring parking lots with smartphones before arriving at Enoshima during parking sky information disclosure of Enoshima, Katasekaigan area. When Shimauchi is full, we can choose the use of easy parking lot nearby. Furthermore, please inflect by all means as you can know information such as slip roads beforehand in rate, use time for parking lot.
How about Shonan, Fujisawa souvenir during original T-shirt tote bag lunch back sale? We sell original T-shirt tote bag lunch background that we can purchase only here.
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