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Shonan Enoshima spring festival

Saturday, March 10, 2018, 11th Sunday holding

We hold the 35th "Shonan Enoshima spring festival".

In one where you came to the full-scale tourist season arrival,
It is festival to be held for two days on March 10, 11th to have you feel coming of spring of Enoshima.
Therefore we introduce event (prior application) that can participate in festival this spring.

List of offer titles
"Recruit children in a Buddhist procession of callithump" [the deadline: on Tuesday, February 6 must arrive]; (offer was finished)
"Do you not board patrol boat?" [the deadline: on Tuesday, February 20 must arrive] (offer was finished)
"Let's perform cruising of Ryoba of Fujisawa" [the deadline: on Wednesday, February 21 postmark effectively]; (offer was finished)

"Do you not board patrol boat?"
It recruits participants of patrol boat experience-based voyage by the Coast Guard.

Time: Saturday, March 10, 11th Sunday
10:00 a.m., 11:00, 2:00 p.m., 3:00 start on a voyage (embarkation time approximately 20 minutes)
※Rainy weather, stormy weather cancellation. It is decided by lot at the sailing time. 
tokoro: Enoshima Shonan port
Object, capacity: Each 20 times (lottery) ※Primary schoolchild except preschool child is protector companion
Entrance fee: Free of charge
Application: By Tuesday, February 20 <must arrive> in double postal card (to five one of them)
Write address, full name (furigana), age, sex, phone number of embarkation day desired, allcomers
(public corporation) To Fujisawa-shi tourist association Shonan Enoshima spring festival patrol boat experience voyage person in charge <〒 251-0035 2-20-13, Katasekaigan, Fujisawa-shi>
Patrol boat experience-based voyage Patrol boat experience-based voyage

"Cruising will perform festival holding event of Ryoba of Fujisawa" with all in spring
By "all and spring festival," we perform cruising of Ryoba in the city on play fishing boat from Katase fishing port. It is usually chance to see the backside of Enoshima which we cannot see!

Time: Sunday, March 11
From 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 ※When we cannot depart by rainy weather decisive action, strong wind, we cancel
tokoro: The Enoshima offing (we depart from Katase fishing port)
Object, capacity: Child and 100 protectors (lottery) who are higher than primary schoolchild resident in the city
Entrance fee: 1000 yen per person
Application: By Wednesday, February 21 <effective postmark> on postcard (one 1 family)
On full name, the date of birth of allcomers, write "Ryoba of Fujisawa as cruising shiyo participation hope" with address, phone number of representative; and to agriculture Marine Products Section <〒 251-8601 1-1, Asahicho, Fujisawa-shi>
Ryoba cruising Ryoba cruising

Area map

Spring festival area map

Each facility service

■Enoshima Samuel cocking Land…Less than primary schoolchild are free
■Enoshima eskar…Less than primary schoolchild are free
■Enoshima Iwaya…Less than primary schoolchild are free
■Eshima Shrine (Shrine)…Admission fee discount [150 yen → 100 yen] (is limited to person of festival flyer bringing in spring)
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