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Mouth bamboo garden lantern of dragon

Mouth bamboo garden lantern of dragon of this year was finished safely and wound up.
Thank you for your visit.

[the date]
Saturday, August 4, 2018, 5th Sunday 
From 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

[conduct place]
The Ryuuguchi temple precincts

We get up in the Ryuuguchi temple precincts and hold "mouth bamboo garden lantern of dragon".

Approximately 5,000 bamboo garden lanterns form a line from Deva gate of the Ryuuguchi temple precincts between to main hall of a Buddhist temple and Five Storeyed Pagoda and can enjoy fantastic summer evening while it is wrapped in light of candle to waver calmly.

How about coming at this opportunity as you can see anyone in no charge for admission?

Please enjoy "mouth bamboo garden lantern of dragon" in Ryuuguchi temple of a 3-minute walk from Enoden "Enoshima Station".

Mouth bamboo garden lantern of dragon

About application for memorial service

Mouth bamboo garden lantern executive committee of dragon
〒251-0032 3-13-37, Katase, Fujisawa-shi (Ryuuguchi Teramoto temple office of a temple)

We fill out application, and we attach the price, and prior application apply for Ryuuguchi Teramoto temple office of a temple.
Application from this→
※Reception hours: Until from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
※We install paper in Ryuuguchi temple, sightseeing center, Katase Enoshima tourist information center.

[the garden lantern price]
One 1,000 yen
※We give "sanka" which modelled leaf of lotus to person proposed to one piece.
※You can take bamboo garden lantern put in the precincts home with you.
With Ryuuguchi temple
Principal idol mandala of the Nichiren Sect, the foundation the deferred first year (1336-1340).
We have various opinions such as it assuming opening that law holy priest enshrined Nichiren saint image on pupil day of Nichiren.
It was in the latter half of the Kamakura era, and Nichiren showed "Rissho cheap public opinion" and preached national peace and security by advocating Lotus Sutra.
The Shogunate which felt uneasiness for this activity is going to execute Nichiren with mouth of dragon, but such as ball then big from of Enoshima "shine, and fly, and thing" is informed by execution ground when artifact of a severed head government official shudders, and prostrated itself.
Originally execution was called off, and Nichiren was drained into Sado, but a lot of things which advocated objection for this execution came back to Kamakura before long.
Nichiren is broken into by, and underground dungeon is left, and there is prefecture only Five Storeyed Pagoda chosen in the precincts by 100 selections of Kanagawa buildings now.
The support, cooperation (2018 random order)
higashisho city Enoshima Electric Railway Enoshima housing
Soma Soshin Corporation Odakyu Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Shonan Monorail Kanagawa Shinkin Bank Katase Branch New Enoshima Aquarium
Fujisawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (no company) Association of Fujisawa-shi Store Association society Katase subana street Store Association
Mouth mall promotion association of Ryu Katase Katase center dealer meeting place Mouth neighborhood association of dragon
shakaifuku*hojinjomurakokuseikai Tamaya honten heasaronhoriuchi
Bar sanojiya Shonan Korea Baru GOKAN Kinokuniya inn
Salt planning Whitebait and Ise lobster Chube Joshu shop
miyabaraya Japanese foods yuugata East house
Ship good Go to bar; field Bear *
; serve; bee U.S. shop Hamano Suisan Securities Japan Fujisawa Branch
Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd. Fujisawa Branch Mizuho Bank Fujisawa Branch Mizuho Securities
Shizuoka Bank,Ltd. Fujisawa Branch Bank of Yokohama Katase Branch Corner Wakamatsu
Design Treasure confectionery Fujisawa FM broadcast
Kameyama Ryuuguchi temple Light
(public corporation) Kanagawa association of residential land building business Shonan Branch
  Others ※Random order
Fujisawa-shi, nonprofit foundation Fujisawa-shi tourist association
State of bamboo garden lantern
Information for access
Address: 3-13-37, Katase, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa

[customer coming by train]
Odakyu Katase Enoshima Line "Katase-Enoshima Station" drop off walk ten minutes
Enoshima Electric Railway "Enoshima Station" drop off walk two minutes
Shonan Monorail "Shonan-Enoshima Station" drop off walk two minutes

[customer coming by car]
From Tomei Expressway "Atsugi IC" is the Hiratsuka area at Route 129 → Route 134 to the Enoshima area
From Yokohama new road Route 1 to Enoshima, the Fujisawa area
Garden lantern application, inquiry
 Sponsorship: Mouth bamboo garden lantern executive committee (Ryuuguchi temple shrine office) of dragon
 TEL: 0466-25-7357 (from 9:00 to 16:00)

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