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Charm of Fujisawa

Charm of FujisawaTourist city where person more than 13 million a year visits Fujisawa who it is opened in the sea of Shonan, and sees Mount Fuji in the distance.
Particularly, having "Oriental Miami Beach" and declared beautiful shoreline, in Katasekaigan full of people enjoying much marine sports and Enoshima full for a long time as the ground of prayer, excursion, it is in popular area of Japan eminence.
In addition, through the year, a lot of event and traditional events full of senses of the seasons are performed and please participating many people.

Please enjoy Fujisawa with much charm relaxedly.
We enjoy shoreline doing well

Image good Katasekaigan of "Shonan" is called "Oriental Miami Beach" from the beauty. Sea difference is performed on July 1 and is full of 4 million swimmers every year including Tsujido Coast during approximately two months.

We are charmed by the history and beautiful scenery

Other than Enoshima Iwaya that is said to be even if Enoshima Samuel cocking Land, Yoritomo Minamoto that one Enoshima Shinto shrine of the Japan's three biggest Sarasvati, beautiful flowers are in full glory in Enoshima which did well for a long time as place of prayer, excursion through the year visited victory prayer, there are many tourist attractions, historic spots.

We feel the history of Fujisawa accommodation

Also, Fujisawa accommodation established to 50km, the sixth from Edo, Nihonbashi prospered as Enoshima, way station to Oyama as Monzen-cho of play line temple.

We are impressed by seasonal flower

It is charm of Fujisawa that can enjoy seasonal beautiful flower. Flower which area including flower "wisteria" and "hydrangea" of Fujisawa-shi "cluster amaryllis" plays a key role and brought up is in full glory splendidly.
※ We offer information at any time from homepage in every season.

We thoroughly enjoy taste of Shonan

Fujisawa open to the sea of Shonan can eat fresh seafood, and farm output product of local brand including Shonan vegetables is rich, too.
As for grape "wisteria Minoru who is bigger than "Kyoho", and is high in sugar content," Fujisawa is production center together bunch, karyu. We can enjoy seasonal delicious taste.

We enjoy convenient comfortable vehicle

There are many vehicles that "wife of chief zen-priest circles" to bind Katasekaigan side and Enoshima Iwaya together are individual, and Enoden full of changes that a lot of noted places relaxed leisurely, chinning-type Shonan Monorail which can enjoy feeling such as skywalk, singing in chorus bus "twin liner" are fun along the line.


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