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Fruit flower garden

Shinto shrine at the foot of a mountain original Tourist Farm of blueberry
Guidance on opening of the park day
Blueberry knob collecting time
From 9:00 to 12:00

22nd Sunday, 25th Wednesday, 27th Friday
29th Sunday

Daily Wednesday, 3rd Friday, 5th Sunday, 8th Wednesday ・
10th Friday, 12th Sunday ・ 15th Wednesday ・
17th Friday, 19th Sunday, 22nd Wednesday ・
24th Friday, 26th Sunday, 29th Wednesday ・
31st Friday

Fee for entering kindergarten 200 yen
100 g of = 200 yen

It is cheaper than anywhere else and is very delicious! Vegetables are sometimes sold, too!

Family gathers, and, after checking opening of the park day, please go out.
We look forward to!



[one using car]
We set (1663, Miyahara) Watanabe flower garden by car navigation system address search at destination

[one using train, bus]
"We are sent to Ayase garage via Keio University, Miyahara" from Odakyu Shonandai Station west exit fourth bus platform
"Miyahara center" bus stop drop off walk six minutes

 Sponsorship: Miyahara cultivated area Exploratory Committee
 TEL: 0466-48-1002 (views civic center)
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