For Osamu Tokai dullness illustrated map (Fujisawa-shi storehouse reproduction)
  • 01-kosarudo
  • 02-Enoshima Sarasvati signpost
  • 03-Kuramae gallery
  • 04-Hakusan Shrine
  • 05-1 - sand hill Kannondo
  • 06-1 - Ejima Shrine first gate trace, placard spot trace, Enoshima Sarasvati signpost
  • 2 wide-angle lenses
  • 08-Kikyouya
  • Old rice former indoor storehouse outside 1
  • 10-Jonah company
  • 11-Maita Honjin trace
  • 12-Jokouji
  • 13-Seki next store
  • 14-solemn temple
  • 15-eishoji
  • Neck washing well
  • 17-flag of surrender Shinto shrine
  • 18-wonder good temple
  • 19-Fujisawa palace trace
  • 20-shinkiyomein
  • 21-truth virtue temple
  • 22-cleanliness light temple (play line temple)
  • The House of 23-longevity
  • 24-Suwa-jinja Shrine
  • 25-Sanno Shrine
  • The House of 26-response
  • 27-ship ball Shinto shrine

  • 2017 3 27 months

    Event of April .5 month

    We show around event of "fujisawa hotel interchange building" of .5 month in April. Saturday, April 8 from 13:00 to 15:00 cinema interchange hall "is super-high-speed! Daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo"  ※ Fantastic. It is exciting and runs at full speed! We can cry laughingly, and history entertainment becoming hot is more than… ●We see more

  • 2017 3 22 water

    About rate change of Fujisawa hotel lunch

    As we are changed for the use more on April 1, 2017, we will tell about rate of Fujisawa hotel lunch having favorable reception. 800 yen before change → If change is still before 1,000 yen about contents of lunch, we do not change after change. … ●We see more

  • 2017 2 21 fire

    Event of March

    We show around event of "fujisawa hotel interchange building" of March. Dolls' Festival circulation from 10:00 to 12:00 of Friday, March 3 Fujisawa hotel    It is with commentary and circulates through Dolls' Festival exhibition held in Shonan Fujisawa culture network. (storehouse ago gallery, grandmother… * See more

  • 2017 1 20 iron

    Event of February

    We show around event of "fujisawa hotel interchange building" of February.  We hang for capacity for each 20 from 11:00 to 13:00 made with hina doll of fujisawa hotel on Saturday, February 4, and decoration (flower of thigh) pivot application (entrance fee 500 yen), needle and thread prepare… ●We see more

  • 2016 12 15 trees

    Event of January

    We show around event of "fujisawa hotel interchange building" of January. Monday, January 2 .3 days Tuesday ☆  We support together for from 9:00 to 17:00! The 93rd Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden             (Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden race) participation university… ●We see more

With Fujisawa-shi fujisawa hotel interchange building

We contribute to promotion of citizen's culture by providing place coming in contact with the history, culture of former Tokaido Fujisawa hotel, and planning promotion of interchange of local person and person visiting here and are facility to contribute to creation of activation of former Tokaido Fujisawa hotel and the outskirts area and turnout.…●We see more

Opening time
[native district document exhibition room, multipurpose hall]
It is from 9:00 to 18:00 from April to September
It is from 9:00 to 17:00 from October to March
[meeting room]
Whole year from 9:00 to 21:00

From the JR Fujisawa Station north exit a 14-minute walk
From Odakyu Fujisawa-Hommachi Station a 15-minute walk
Fujisawa Station north exit fifth platform "Totsuka bus center line" or "Matano Park, Yokohama Coll. of Pharmacy van" ride, "Fujisawa Bridge" getting off (time required approximately five minutes) 1-minute walk
※There is no parking lot. Please use public transport.

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