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Sightseeing volunteer guide

Do not begin bird-watching; or introduction to ... bird watching ... (offer guide)

Summary of course

We observe imminent wild bird while walking Sakai River play Suichi Park from Mutsuai-Nichidaimae Station. In park on the way of how to use and wild bird of binoculars find, and learn one. Furthermore, in Sakai River play Suichi Park, we plan indoor lectures such as roles of play Suichi by the park staff and bird-watching of biotope. You observe wild bird inhabiting play Suichi whom person made, and do you not think about living of person and relations with nature a little?

The details of course

Date We rain out on Saturday on /17 day on Wednesday, February 14
Meeting Odakyu Enoshima Line Mutsuai-Nichidaimae Station east exit stairs bottom
Time 9:30 a.m.
Dissolution Imada control center about 1:00 p.m.
Odakyu Line Mutsuai-Nichidaimae Station ★→ Mutsuai station square park → Dog Hisayasu Park → The neighborhood of department of Nihon University creature resources science Imada premises of a school → Sakai River play Suichi Park inner <after → grit chamber (chinsachi) → Hashizume open space lower → heron dance bridge ★→ Imada control center ★ <cockfighting before information center ★→ wisteria trellis to dissolution (*nandaieki around 15 minutes) on foot> restroom :★ walk distance is approximately flat approximately 3.5km
The offer number of people Each 20 times
Entrance fee 500 yen
Others Bringing such as drink, writing utensils, rain outfit, garbage bag. Please participate with clothes and shoes comfortable to walk in. Please bring one having binoculars, illustrated book. Cold protection measures are perfect.
Sponsorship (public corporation) Fujisawa-shi tourist association
Guidance Enoshima, Fujisawa guide club (sightseeing volunteer guide)
sarukomimongo Katase Enoshima tourist information center TEL0466-24-4141
mongojikan We would like inquiry on * day after 8:00 a.m. for from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (year round).
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