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Sightseeing volunteer guide

We are invited to autumn wind and enjoy scenery around *senji and Keio University (offer guide)

Summary of course

 We go round old historic temples of Endo while enjoying sceneries such as autumn roadside tree, rural district, orchard. We see Fujisawa-shi designation important cultural property in the main hall of a Buddhist temple in *senji. We can purchase fresh "autumn taste, persimmon" in local fruit farmhouse direct sale place. In addition, in store specializing in Japanese green tea, you can do explanation of "delicious how to put in Japanese green tea" than master of the tea ceremony of Fujisawa Meister who won the best gold medal in world green tea contest. We take a walk through beautiful avenue or Gulliver pond especially in Keio University Shonan Fujisawa campus which had you admit visit. Applicant can use lunch in school cafeteria in the university campus after the dissolution.

The details of course

Date Thursday, November 15 executing the event on a light rainy day, stormy weather cancellation
Meeting It is in front of JR Tsujido Station east wicket
Time Reception desk: Until 9:20 a.m. <because there is seat-load time of bus>  
Dissolution About 12:30 in front of Keio University SFC school cafeteria
JR Tsujido Station east wicket ★⇒<bus> ⇒ bus stop Karikome getting off → Semba cemetery ★→ *senji ★→ Mitake Shrine → Tea comes; non-(possible visit & direct marketing shopping) → Direct sale place of persimmon (possible direct marketing shopping) → Authority of Keio University SFC row of trees et al. → In front of Keio University SFC school cafeteria ★  Dissolution restroom: ★ Walk distance: Approximately 4.5km
The offer number of people 60 (anyone can participate)
Entrance fee 500 yen (we need bus fare, monetary offering separately)
Others Bringing such as drink, writing utensils, rain outfit, garbage bag. Please participate with clothes and shoes comfortable to walk in.
Sponsorship (public corporation) Fujisawa-shi tourist association
Guidance Enoshima, Fujisawa guide club (sightseeing volunteer guide)
sarukomimongo Katase Enoshima tourist information center TEL0466-24-4141
mongojikan We would like inquiry on * day after 8:00 a.m. for from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (year round).
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