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Sightseeing in Fujisawa goodwill ambassador

Enoshima Fujisawa guide club [we guide in carefulness including the history of Fujisawa by contents which are state state every month]
"enoshima way" which old traveler walked island "Enoshima" which was scenic, and was mystery former Tokaido "Fujisawa accommodation,"
There are many Shinto shrine, temple, historic spots showing various history in historic site retroactively to the Heian - Kamakura era.

Specialized volunteer guide whom native district historiographer and lover make guides all of you for pleasant history walk.

The day of the contest of 2008

State of guide by sight-seeing club

Five princes of Queen & sea of 2008 Shonan Enoshima Sea

State of guide by sight-seeing club

In reservation guide, offer guide, guides on that day, sightseeing volunteer guide guides Fujisawa.
You want and put together, and please choose among reservation guide or offer guide.

■Reservation guide
We accept reservation at any time.
You want, and meeting place, area, theme that want to walk are negotiable more at date, time.
We set and show around course to want as possible, and to measure up.
We accept from one. Group, group accept, too.
Apply for reservation by rank five days ago of preferred date.

■Offer guide
We decide 1-2 times, theme and gather participants every month.
The history, flower, theme and area including festival plan in various ways by season and raise in public information, newspaper, free paper, redio Shonan other than HP.
Even one accepts application in friend, family, group.
Please take a walk happily while having you bring lunch, and hearing explanation of member of guide for approximately half day.

■Guide on that day
On the day we accept guidance of customer who came to come to Enoshima.
On the day guide goes on from March to May and every Saturday from September through November.
Apply by 1:30 p.m. from 9:30 a.m.
Friend, family accept from one, too.
In addition, we accept reservation in reservation guides at any time when you want another day.
※But we may cancel by weather.

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