Today's business hours

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Samuel cocking Land
From 9:00 to 20:00
Enoshima Iwaya
From 9:00 to 18:00
New Enoshima Aquarium
From 9:00 to 17:00

Update of business hours is about 9:00 of the day

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RSS List
The fujisawa industry Festa 2017 date: We come on Sunday for .28 days on Saturday, May 27 and experience! We will go to fujisawa industry Festa 2017!
Sightseeing in fujisawa goodwill ambassador, Takeshi Tsuruno sends to meeting place of "fujisawa industry Festa" with sightseeing in fujisawa goodwill ambassador "Takeshi Tsuruno" on sea candles concert Sunday, May 28. We sell today's ticket under ticketing [until 26th Friday] now in Fujisawa civic center coliseum at Shonan living newspaper publisher window from 2:30 p.m. (there is number slightly)
At sacred place that Sarasvati believed in as God of held art progress on Sunday for .4 days on Enoshima street performance Festival Saturday, June 3 watches, performers with a history of winning a prize gather by "Enoshima street performance contest" and please by domestically top-level splendid wonderful skill.
Held under recruitment of Enoshima cruising & sea patrol experience participants [Saturday, June 17 .18 days Sunday] [the June 5 deadline]
Colors-Fest!enoshima2017 - Enoshima sign of spring bodily sensation Festival - period: Spring Enoshima is colored in beautiful flowers for from Saturday, April 16 to Sunday, June 12, and crimson rose of cocking Land flowers all at once and invites the most gorgeous season in one year. Please sense color of flower, color of the setting sun, colors various in spring Enoshima including art bodily.
Making soba experience classroom side dojo studio "Matsumotokan" Matsumotokan carries out making soba experience lesson in sightseeing PR hall of sister city "Matsumoto-shi, Nagano" of Fujisawa-shi on every Friday. Do you not eat Teuchi soba which you hit by oneself by all means?
Parking information (empty information) exhibition! There was site that could know the situation of neighboring parking lots with smartphones before arriving at Enoshima! When Shimauchi is full, we can choose the use of easy parking lot (the western part, central part parking lot) nearby. Furthermore, in rate, use time for parking lot, we can know information such as slip roads beforehand.
Under advantageous item "Enoshima 1day passport" sale! We sell advantageous furi-pasuchiketto "Enoshima 1day passport" which "tourist facility of Shimauchi is available to again and again all day long" for 1,000 yen.

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Sightseeing in fujisawa goodwill ambassador

Today nofujisawa

2017.0524 09:00
Mount Fuji and cap cloud

Fujisawa this morning is fine weather. Yesterday, Mount Fuji expresses figure today. We rarely see in this season…More

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