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Activity diary of Queen & prince of Shonan Enoshima Sea

Sendai caravan (prince activity diary)
May 3, 2017

Everybody hello!

Your star friend desu of prince of the sea

We went to sightseeing caravan to 5/1 - 3 to Sendai-shi, Miyagi. We publicized in thought to want people within the range of 2 days and 1 night to come to Fujisawa by all means this time.

As I visited Sendai on trip of hitchhike personally in last summer, cityscape and station felt with nostalgia.

We were, and we had you be interested in hometown that oneself loved, and person who heard Fujisawa very with fascination was glad when we distributed brochures by campaign at Sendai Station!


In addition, we performed collecting of program in J:COM Sendai. Experience of appearing on television was past caravan, but as we were not used, we were tense, but were had a very good experience!


And we held event in stronghold kobo park Miyagi of Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagle concerning Shonan Fujisawa, Enoshima day. On the day blue sky opened, and a lot of any people regardless of age or sex participated in event!

We could meet person whom we met on trip of last summer again and were impressed! We thought that we did not end in once-in-a-lifetime chance when good! We wait in various places, Fujisawa whom Sendai met!

I was Rakuten fan since junior high student. We did not think that we could visit stronghold in such a form possibly!

It is period and thinks baseball stadium to have had Fujisawa pay attention to many people by "full thanks" by first place battle for Golden Week!

As we let you participate in sightseeing kyampe n many times and we only go and publicized Fujisawa in each place after we become prince of the sea, we think that we were worthwhile very much when we see that customer actually comes to Fujisawa and Enoshima some other time.


Colors-Fest enoshima2017 is held now in Enoshima! As you hold to 6/11, please come to sense sign of spring of Enoshima, Fujisawa-shi bodily! (^_^)






May 3, 2017 20:34 | 2016 hoshitomoki

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