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Activity diary of Queen & prince of Shonan Enoshima Sea

Matsumotokan making soba experience (Queen activity diary)
August 18, 2017

Everybody, konichiha!

It is Satsuki Maeda of Queen of Shonan Enoshima Sea!


It is sudden, does everybody know sister city of Fujisawa-shi?

In fact, we conclude sister city tie-up from Matsumoto-shi and 1961 of Nagano!

Tasteful building which can feel Matsumoto-shi called Matsumotokan stands still by the relations in Samuel cocking Land of Enoshima. We hold making soba experience lesson here on every Friday!

Queen, prince of we Shonan Enoshima Sea did making soba experience, "we would feel Matsumoto to be!".

Teacher of making soba arrived by one-to-one and, to place to boil from place to knead powder, and to lie, told all carefully. It was very fun and became just just crazy about.

I was the first time that grasp soba kitchen knife, but is useless; if hung the weight perpendicularly even if did not add pressure, could cut neatly, and was impressed!

We had delicious soba which teachers hit after the experience, and it was for lunch full of happiness.

As we participate in "Matsumoto Festival" in November, we want to have soba "of" home locally!

After making soba experience, we observed night aquarium of new Enoshima Aquarium in five people on that day. It is wakuwaku surukogatakusanarimashita in having had gone to aquarium so far, but having tried night aquarium for the first time. Picture which performed bending fingers of creature of water tank and modern technique matched with night aquarium exquisitely, and fantastic space was created. We could taste "new Enoshima Aquarium" of unusual expression and thought that we could make use in future PR.

How about everybody going by all means?


August 18, 2017 20:12 | 2017 Satsuki Maeda

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