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Activity diary of Queen & prince of Shonan Enoshima Sea

Shizuoka caravan (prince activity diary)
December 6, 2017

On December 5, we went to sightseeing caravan to Shizuoka-shi and Hamamatsu-shi of Shizuoka on 6th.

After having visited newspaper publisher on the first day, we appeared on program called "Eve eye Shizuoka" of Shizuoka Hoso live. We were tense concerning straight appearance, but, with talking in loud voice slowly, kept smile in mind. Public performance made atmosphere that announcer was more fun and was able to appear with very pleasant feeling.

After having visited four newspaper publishers on the second day, we distributed tourist brochure of Fujisawa-shi at Shizuoka Station. Many people received and were very glad. You just came to where you stopped and talked to among them. A lot of people whom we called out to thought, "we watched yesterday's TV" that Shizuoka was warm at all.

By this campaign, we told about winter event about "jewel of Shonan" mainly. As we hold, jewel of Shonan come to February 18 of the next year by all means.

December 6, 2017 15:54 | 2017 Shunsuke Furuhashi