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Activity diary of Queen & prince of Shonan Enoshima Sea

Shonan Fujisawa citizens' marathon (Queen activity diary)
January 28, 2018

"The eighth Shonan Fujisawa citizens' marathon" was carried out on Sunday, January 28. Three Queen of us Sea helped helper of opening ceremony and commendation ceremony.

Approximately 9,000 runners were performed entry of from the city, the suburbs, and meeting was just scene that figure which lined up at start point was powerful at all. Running came a lot, and we who saw were excited at costume and unit-related uniform which overflowed including costume play very much!

In addition, with "parent and child orchid which ran in course of approximately 2 kilos in parent and child," we felt warm on seeing figure which parent and child tied hand and hand, and made a goal together.

Including generation after generation, prince of five seas in all participated as runner  this time. We were not accompanied by honesty expectation which prince came first as we knew that we practiced hard. As a result, prince, Hoshi of the sea of 2016 made a goal in the first among five people this time!


As for the princes of the sea which I belonged to relay road race part for the junior high school era, but runs with 10 miles refreshingly as it was in face which seems to be hot when it becomes long distance, even! We thought of this.

Participants, everyone, thank you!


January 28, 2018 20:07 | 2017 forest young bird children