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Activity diary of Queen & prince of Shonan Enoshima Sea

2018 contests (prince activity diary)
May 13, 2018

Everybody hello.

On May 13, "prince contest of the Queen & sea of 2018 Shonan Enoshima Sea" was carried out, and Queen and prince of the sea this year were elected.

One year passed after we were elected in contest of last year by prince of the sea. It was instant one year, but was able to spend very substantial days.

Through past activity, we were able to have various experiences. As well as the Fujisawa city, the Kanagawa prefecture, we publicized Fujisawa-shi at many places of Saitama, Nagano, Shizuoka, Miyagi. We touched many people and learned many things each time. Having been glad, all including fun thing are left in memory clearly.

Of course there are having failed, a lot of not having done well and was troubled, but still what we were able to do for one year is because there were many supports of the circumferences. For us who watched activity warmly, it is full of feelings of thanks.

Both birth and the breeding were Fujisawa-shi, and I loved Fujisawa-shi, but was able to know charm of Fujisawa-shi that we did not know so far by having experienced prince of the sea. We hope to do it from now on if we may do it for favorite Fujisawa-shi.

We stick out our chest, and it may be said that I was able to grow up in this year.

And it is member of synchronization active together that I thank for the first. We had been close in age and were very close and cooperated with each other and did for one year. We look back on one year at the end of the contest, and gave a speech, but, to hear speech in the same period, myself come to chest, too; became hot. It is my lifetime treasure to have been able to be active in these members.

Prince is selected as new Queen, too, and time of takeover approached, but is our term until the end of June. We want to try all regret hard in body and soul until term is over.











May 13, 2018 20:11 | 2017 Shunsuke Furuhashi