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Activity diary of Queen & prince of Shonan Enoshima Sea

Sightseeing caravan Gunma Tochigi course (Queen activity diary)
September 12, 2018

All of you hello!

We participated in sightseeing caravan in Gunma and Tochigi the other day.

We introduced charm of Fujisawa and Enoshima in the fall and winter to many people through radio or newspaper. Summer image is strong Shonan Enoshima, but air of we are clear, and Mount Fuji is seen on temperature that is easy to spend time neatly at all in autumn, too!

As the convenience to transportation is good, you can come casually♪

We participated in campaign by staying overnight for the first time, but we could meet toward the lot of the field in brochure place at station and were substantial at all. We live in Fujisawa in various places of the use at Utsunomiya Station and Takasaki Station! Person to give for nadoo voice came and we somewhat felt connection and felt warm at all.


By the way, fujisawa Enoshima fireworks display approached, too! Autumn fireworks display is rare, but fireworks washed ashore at clear autumn night sky are particular! Please come in view.

We look forward to your coming again in the summer in autumn Shonan Enoshima different in gangs.



September 12, 2018 20:32 | 2018 Ruka Ono