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Activity diary of Queen & prince of Shonan Enoshima Sea

Odakyu Department Store New Year event (prince activity diary)
January 2, 2018

Everybody, A Happy New Year! We would like this year.

Now, we distributed liquor of celebration of the New Year to customer of 300 first arrival in Odakyu Department Store Fujisawa in 1/2. Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden thought that there might be much that one that he/she went for support which there was on that day, but there was already long line from the time at past 9:00 and was surprised.

This event participated with Satsuki Maeda of Queen of the sea, but Maeda became participation with gorgeous kimono, and it was the gorgeous cutting of the New Year's rice cake appropriate for the New Year.

We performed the cutting of the New Year's rice cake with 10:00 of opening. With all of you smile "A Happy New Year." We spoke, and which "we would like this year" became the beginning of the splendid New Year this year.

Distribution to the first 300 people has been finished in no time. It was short time, but it was day to feel your warmth. I can participate in event of such New Year, and I feel very honored. We stay without forgetting this feeling and would like activity of prince of the sea which there became a little as one of support as we want to wrestle as hard as possible. 

January 2, 2018 19:23 | 2017 Hibiki Ishiwata
Odakyu Department Store New Year event (Queen activity diary)
January 2, 2018

A Happy New Year!

We performed behavior of casked liquor by New Year event carried out in Odakyu Department Store Fujisawa on January 2. We had been able to already stand in line in many customers at 10:00 of opening time, and measure for limited 300 people has disappeared immediately. We appreciate your lining up early in the morning, everyone. At the beginning of year to reach coming-of-age ceremony, we can participate in happy event and are very honored. Myself became very good memory, too.

We would like 2018, everyone.

January 2, 2018 16:57 | 2017 Satsuki Maeda
Jewel lighting-style & minesweeper arrival in port type of Shonan (Queen activity diary)
December 23, 2017

Everybody hello!

We participated in the ceremony of lighting of "jewel of Shonan" performed at Enoshima Samuel cocking Land for 23.24 days in December. It might be said that Christmas was imminent, and the garden shined with smile of very many customers.

In addition, arrival in port type and welcome ceremony of minesweeper "enoshima" were carried out for 12/23, too, and we participated, too.

We talked about jewel nitsuiteya of Shonan, activity of Queen of the conventional sea with lighting type and did countdown of one of lighting with customer afterwards. I participated in the ceremony of lighting three times this time, but can enjoy different expressions every time. As we hold, jewel of Shonan come to February 18 again and again!

We look forward to your coming heartily.

December 23, 2017 20:43 | 2017 Satsuki Maeda
redio Shonan straight appearance (Queen activity diary)
December 20, 2017

On December 20, we appeared on program of redio Shonan live. It was 30-minute appearance, but was able to talk thanks to cozy atmosphere that DJ bush clover created very happily.

Including impression of activity of Queen of my hometown, thing of Hyogo and future dream, conventional sea had a lively conversation. Furuhashi of prince of the sea where we appeared on together talked about hot enthusiasm to Shonan Fujisawa citizens' marathon to be carried out on January 28, next year.

Next year including participation in PR and event of Fujisawa-shi I'll do my best.

Thank you in advance.

December 20, 2017 16:34 | 2017 Satsuki Maeda
Shonan district campaign - ion lake town (Queen activity diary)
December 9, 2017

Everybody hello! 

We participated in sightseeing campaign of Shonan district performed in ion lake town on December 9. We let you join not only Queen, prince of we Shonan Enoshima Sea but also one of smile Chigasaki, Shonan hiratsuka Vega on that day. We were able to do work with feeling that charm of each city and activity atmospheres were different, and was very fresh.

Our main work was to distribute pampuretto clogged up with charm of Shonan district to customer. You might not readily receive depending on time, but you match power with all of sightseeing in Shonan district promotion meetings and think that we were able to convey charm of Shonan district to many people. You came to one that said that it was saying "we go to see illuminations of Enoshima every year!" in customer and became glad at all. After all we distributed brochure and thought that it was really wonderful to be able to tell directly about visited local people and Fujisawa-shi and Shonan district. We talk with me which we do not entrust triggered by favorite "Fujisawa" and want to tell about charm of Shonan Fujisawa whom we are not known to still more from now on.

December 9, 2017 20:48 | 2017 Satsuki Maeda

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