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Activity diary of Queen & prince of Shonan Enoshima Sea

Shonan district campaign (Queen activity diary)
December 8, 2018

All of you, hello!

It is Ruka Ono.


We went to lake town in Koshigaya, Saitama for PR event of campaign the other day on "ideal holiday to spend in Shonan"!

As lot received brochure, we thought that it might be at opportunity to have I had many people know Shonan district more and interest, and to kick. In addition, we go to Enoshima this time! Person whom we called out to in this came and was very glad.


When we visited newspaper publisher for notice by the event on the other day and appeared on TV and radio, we were often tense, but were enriched at all!

 Campaign can easily apply from carrying and PC on this "ideal holiday to spend in Shonan", and accommodation coupon or gift certificate hit by lot. Everybody, please participate, too!


Please spend the end of the year taking care as cold became up to professional standard.


December 8, 2018 20:42 | 2018 Ruka Ono
Jewel lighting type of Shonan (Queen activity diary)
November 23, 2018

All of you, hello!

Winter cold became up to professional standard, too, but how are you getting along?


Illuminations to glisten shiningly in the cold were the winter powerful charm, but illuminations "jewel of Shonan" beautiful at all began in Shonan Enoshima!

We participated in the ceremony of lighting of the "jewel of Shonan" the other day.


We looked at "jewel of Shonan", but this was the first time that we were present at moment of lighting since childhood! We counted down with all of you and it was moment when we turned on, light of at a stretch various colors and became bright and was impressed very much.


This "jewel of Shonan" which was authorized again by Kanto three great illuminations is lighted up on various themes every area, but, above all, "Shonan chandelier" uses Swarovski abundantly in tunnel of light, and is fantastic at all; of me favorite♪

We hold "jewel of Shonan" to 2/17 of the next year. Come by all means!


November 23, 2018 20:37 | 2018 Ruka Ono
Matsumoto Festival (Queen activity diary)
November 3, 2018

All of you, hello!

We went to Matsumoto-shi, Nagano the other day.

Matsumoto-shi and Fujisawa-shi continued interchanging for many years as sister city, but we participated in "civic festival Matsumoto festival" this time.


"Miss Hyakumangoku" and "Miss Matsumoto participated from Kanazawa-shi, too", and, in parade of Matsumoto Festival, "Queen of Himeji castle" was lively at all from Matsumoto-shi and Himeji-shi with interchange as well as we Fujisawa-shi.

Had place of exchange with various places of mistake of other cities and could have various talks and was studied again!

Matsumoto-shi was lower in temperature than Fujisawa-shi, and colored leaves were able to just parade in clean cityscape in in full bloom, too.

I have missed scenery of Fujisawa while seeing scenery of Matsumoto.

In coming season, atmosphere is clear in Fujisawa and invites very beautiful time to the setting sun with sea and Mount Fuji.

To many people, please enjoy "scenery of Fujisawa that you can look at in winter" by all means.

November 3, 2018 17:30 | 2018 Ruka Ono
Odakyu, Enoden clean campaign (prince activity diary)
October 11, 2018

Everybody hello! 

It is Shota Suzuki. 

We participated in clean campaign in Katasekaigan Higashihama on September 22! 

On the day more than 800 various places of local one or one from other prefectures participated while it drizzled, and garbage of approximately 300 kilos gathered. We could clean while talking with many participants and were very fun! 

In addition, "fujisawa Enoshima fireworks display" is held in Katasekaigan on October 20. Please see powerful fireworks washed ashore at clear autumn night sky by all means in Enoshima.
October 11, 2018 15:07 | 2018 Shota Suzuki
Ceremony (Queen activity diary) of the 25th anniversary of Enoshima Iwaya resumption
October 8, 2018

Everybody hello!

In 10/8, ceremony of the 25th anniversary of Enoshima Iwaya resumption was carried out concerning "day of Iwaya".

We had this ceremony gather in family name called "Iwaya" and 10/8-born various places from each places of the whole country. We felt mysterious relationship in people of rare family name meeting in such a form.

In addition, child taking part in a festive procession was stair in front of deep water rest house, and announcement of stairs art that Takeshi Tsuruno who was sightseeing in Fujisawa goodwill ambassador was described in was carried out. For very pretty illustration that dragon of Iwaya and legend of Benten became motif, heart softened. As I liked seeing we described painting, we wanted to go to see again by all means.

We thought that we wanted you to be place loved with the past history for a long time from now on. When you came to Enoshima, carry foot by all means.

October 8, 2018 20:34 | 2018 Hongo Minami