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Activity diary of Queen & prince of Shonan Enoshima Sea

fujisawa information navigator collecting (Queen activity diary)
March 11, 2018

Everybody hello! Collecting of public information program "fujisawa information nabi" of Fujisawa-shi was carried out the other day in J-COM Shonan. Fare recruits the participants of prince contest of Queen & sea of 2018 Shonan Enoshima Sea. We talked about summary and activity contents of contest with Hoshi of prince of the sea of 2016 this time.

At this time one year ago, we remembered that we mailed application in the post while being tense on seeing poster of this contest at station. That time of change approaches every moment just recently to have a feeling that we were just elected by Queen of the sea...When it was really fast that time passed, we felt. There are only 4 months left for term, but want to perform remaining activity hard so that we stick out our chest, and it may be said, "we finished" when we tie baton to new Queen and new prince.

(broadcast of program is plan of 3/12 - 3/18 J-COM Shonan 11ch)

March 11, 2018 21:06 | 2017 Satsuki Maeda
Shonan Enoshima spring festival (prince activity diary)
March 11, 2018

We participated in "Shonan Enoshima spring festival" carried out in 3/10,11.

We usually went to campaign in other outside the prefecture and we often sent charm of Fujisawa, but were looking forward to very much that we touched and could meet local people this time.

We went out in visit, experience to each event site in spring while distributing flyer of event around the conduct headquarters on the day of festival, and doing information for enoshimatoreja. It is that it is bell of dragon love to remain in impression most and participates in the performed loud voice measurement, and to have been able to provide "86 phones". Blessed with weather, it was full of many customers with two days.

And, in previous week, we challenged "enoshimatoreja" in two princes and wind and rain were strong weather on that day, but were able to clear power in total. For two days of festival, we had "you told hint and speak with ..." from children of participant and were relieved in heart in spring when what we cleared beforehand was good. We could reconfirm good Enoshima while challenging enoshimatoreja and were made own study.

It is now being held to 3/31. Please challenge everybody!

March 11, 2018 20:13 | 2017 Hibiki Ishiwata
Shonan Enoshima spring festival (prince activity diary)
March 11, 2018

On March 10, "Shonan Enoshima spring festival" was carried out on 11th.

On the day of the festival, we distributed brochure in spring in front of the conduct headquarters installed in entrance of Enoshima. We could touch many people here and we changed warmth of various places of and tourist of Fujisawa citizen and felt.

In addition, we participated in shellwork experience and made rabbit and tortoise with shellfish. It becomes the pretty finish for oneself and we are satisfied very much and are decorated in home.

As the loud voice measurement carried out with bell of dragon love was the first 200 people, it has been already finished when I went. We want to challenge again next year.

And "enoshimatoreja" is just performed. In fact, we challenged enoshimatoreja in two we princes in spring one week before festival. Many children challenged on the day of the festival, and there was and we challenged beforehand and felt that it was really good in spring. This enoshimatoreja was able to feel good Enoshima again to perform while going round Enoshima.

As this event is carried out until this month 31, everybody, please participate, too.

March 11, 2018 19:01 | 2017 Shunsuke Furuhashi
Cycle challenge cup Fujisawa (Queen activity diary)
March 4, 2018

On March 4, challenge cup Fujisawa was performed in Keio University Shonan Fujisawa campus for cycle. Players gathered, and venues were filled with heat very much, and, as well as the Fujisawa city, they overflowed from each places of the whole country.

We canceled start of players with many guests including Mayor Suzuki and watched a game of race. Race of bicycle saw for the first time, but it was very powerful, and we were just looking, and feeling increased. Let alone the campus, it is opportunity to have many people know charm that is full of green in northern Fujisawa-shi more and is glad very much. We have you know charm of place that is usually rarely visited through event or meeting and are happy in this way if distinction having you come to Fujisawa-shi by sightseeing at opportunity increases.

March 4, 2018 15:57 | 2017 Satsuki Maeda
Shonan Fujisawa citizens' marathon (prince activity diary)
January 28, 2018

The eighth Shonan Fujisawa citizens' marathon was carried out on January 28.

Hoshi of prince, river Saki of 2014, five princes of Kikuchi of 2013 in total participated in Prince Ishiwata, 2016 of me and companion.

Originally we were looking forward to this citizens' marathon as we liked participating in marathon event right after we became prince of the sea. I declared, "we make a goal at the first among five princes" by program of redio Shonan where I appeared on before meeting. However, Hoshi of prince ran the whole distance last year in two full Malang in 2016 and was partner who was powerful enemy very much. J:COM Shonan made special feature before meeting this time, and old and new prince confrontations of me and Hoshi were performed.

On the day we entered in snail's pace, and it was strategy to hang game in the latter half, but fatigue has come to foot early than we thought. Still we were able to do our best by warm support of roadside. By roadside, cheering party led by Kurihara of prince reached in 2015. I was defeated by Hoshi by last spurt, and there was regrettable feeling, but we could run with seniors of prince, and it was marathon event fun at all.

In addition, three staff of Matsumoto-shi that was sister city participated this time. We think that interchange between such sister cities is very splendid. The second Matsumoto marathon is held on September 30.

And of course we participate in Shonan Fujisawa citizens' marathon of the next year. We do our best to make a goal at the first among princes in the next year.



January 28, 2018 20:07 | 2017 Shunsuke Furuhashi

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