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Activity diary of Queen & prince of Shonan Enoshima Sea

Shinjuku campaign (Queen activity diary)
July 30, 2018

On July 30, we participated in sightseeing campaign at Shinjuku Station. We borrowed one ward of image of Shinjuku Station and distributed tourist brochure.

On account of the time, I am sorry that we were not able to distribute all brochures. However, still many people received and you came to sea that knew Queen among them and were glad at all of having called out.

We felt that we often learned still more. When we distribute tourist brochure, it is difficult to finish telling charm of event, charm of Fujisawa in words. What we distributed tourist brochure to as much as we could not tell in words to be able to go to visit Fujisawa toward most alone learned that it was important work some other time while being steady. As far as as we put and distributed brochure, we are glad of omoi ioo to want you to come to Fujisawa if, taking this occasion, you can enjoy summer in Fujisawa.


Almost summer. As many events were carried out in Fujisawa and swelled more and more, I wanted to enjoy various events, too. Everybody, please come to Fujisawa, too.


July 30, 2018 16:51 | 2018 Hongo Minami
Nipponmaru call at a port welcome ceremony (Queen activity diary)
July 22, 2018

Hello, everyone!

It is Ruka Ono of Queen of 2018 Shonan Enoshima Sea.

We participated in welcome ceremony of luxurious passenger liner Nipponmaru this time.

Nipponmaru which anchored off Enoshima was bigger than expected, and harmony with scenery of Enoshima was very beautiful. If there is opportunity, I want to go on board by all means, too!

In addition, you came a lot, and person who took photograph was glad when we met while having two-pole banner in port. Particularly, person who spoke saying "it became lifetime memory" is left in impression.

As weather was very good, we are glad if you can make mine to have to passengers happily on 1st, wonderful memory.

Please come again by all means! (o^^o) which we look forward to in Shonan Enoshima

July 22, 2018 11:35 | 2018 Ruka Ono
Saitama campaign (Queen activity diary)
July 3, 2018

Everybody hello!

It is Hongo Minami of Queen of 2018 Shonan Enoshima Sea.

We went to 7/3 for sightseeing campaign to Saitama. From announcement with sea difference performed in 7/1, it is the first activity as Queen. We visited several newspaper publishers in Saitama and introduced many events called Enoshima Miami Beach show. We were able to actually realize good point of Fujisawa again among oneself again by introducing event.

In addition, we distributed Enoshima Miami Beach show and event flyer and tourist brochure of Fujisawa at Urawa Station and Ageo Station. A lot of one that we received with smile was very glad. Taking this occasion, everybody had you participate in event of Enoshima Miami Beach show of this summer and was 1st when we felt that it should be at good opportunity to have you go to visit Enoshima.

As it was the first activity, it might be often whether it was careless place, but there were Maeda of Queen and prince of last year, support of Furuhashi and enjoyed and was able to face.

It was studied very much by having participated in this campaign, and it was the substantial first activity. We will do our best in body and soul from now on while receiving support of all of rotations. Thank you in advance.

July 3, 2018 20:45 | 2018 Hongo Minami
Seijo-Gakuemmae Station, Yokohama Station campaign (prince activity diary)
June 25, 2018

Everybody hello! We participated in campaign of sightseeing PR of Shonan Enoshima performed at Seijo-Gakuemmae Station and Yokohama Station on June 25.

We distributed set which flyers with discount ticket of mini-towel and seaside cottage of novelty entered at Seijo-Gakuemmae Station in the morning. We had you receive with everybody smile. We distributed in the afternoon at Yokohama Station. There were many customers used very much in Yokohama Station, and preparations which was interested at stage saying it was saying "we distribute what", and came to us came a lot.

Not only while we repeat activities of prince of this sea, we have you receive brochure, but also purpose is to have you go to visit Fujisawa-shi Shonan Enoshima! We noticed in this. If is natural just to have changed the consciousness; "what will want to come what want to know if there is??" But, we came to gradually know.

Activity as active play of prince of my 2017 Shonan Enoshima Sea becomes the end in this. We write in diary, "we make an effort to be able to continue growing up" one year ago and think that we were able to get a grip by oneself. Activity of every time has been really over between new shiikotodarakedeattoiu. We want to make use of experience that we got here in walking the future life. Thank you very much for one year.

June 25, 2018 11:01 | 2017 Hibiki Ishiwata
Shonan district campaign (prince activity diary)
June 17, 2018

Everybody hello!

We participated in sightseeing campaign of Shonan district performed at the Aeon Mall sunrise on June 17 as PR of Fujisawa-shi! As is campaign of Shonan district, from Chigasaki-shi smile Chigasaki Shonan hiratsuka Vega came from Hiratsuka-shi, too!

In Shonan district, particularly summer events are varied! Enoshima Miami Beach show 2018 that Fujisawa-shi where I live in is performed in the Enoshima neighborhood is held. "Morning Fra" whom lecturer told hula at early-morning cool time participated in private last year. Besides, I am looking forward to as various events are carried out.

One of other local people or PR activity was fresh, and it was fun! Please come to Shonan to play this summer not only Enoshima!

June 17, 2018 10:31 | 2017 Hibiki Ishiwata

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