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Oba, Endo, views The vicinity of Odakyu (Fujisawahommachi - Chogo) Around Fujisawa Station Around Tsujido Station Katase, Kugenuma Enoshima

It is center of sightseeing in Fujisawa where fine-view lighthouse rises.

Katase, Kugenuma
Shonan Coast where the sea breeze has good feeling.
It is full of people enjoying Malin leisure throughout the year.

Around Fujisawa Station
Fujisawa accommodation which began as Monzen-cho of play line temple, and prospered as post town.
The station square is still center of town lined with department stores.

Around Tsujido Station
It is neighborhood ever full of daisankei, people of prayer of shimakei of ko.
Pine wood leads to the shore.

The vicinity of Odakyu (Fujisawahommachi - Chogo)
Center, Shonandai in northern Fujisawa.
We are surrounded by Hikichi River and the Sakai River.

Oba, Endo, views
Gentle hill of Sagamihara and quiet rural scenery are seen in the distance.

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