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Today's Fujisawa

Mount Fuji from fine-view lobby of new Government building
January 16, 2018
Good morning.
Today's Fujisawa clears.
We see Mount Fuji neatly from morning, too.

It became in-service start today from January 4,
We introduce Fujisawa-shi government office new Government building.
In new Government building, all of you can use for the ninth floor
There are observation deck, citizen lobby,
From observation deck with Mount Fuji such as today's photograph
You can see cityscape around Fujisawa Station.
In addition, in citizen's lobby sofa
Table of four people hook is installed,
Anyone is available.
Use time from 8:30 to 21:00.
As there is vending machine of drink, too,
We think that you can relax slowly.
Carry foot to new famous place of Fujisawa-shi by all means.

January 16, 2018 08:51
The morning sun which spills
January 15, 2018
Good morning.
Some clouds appeared, but were morning when the morning sun which spilled through the breaks in clouds was beautiful at all this morning.

By the way, it was the middle stage with early thing in January, but, as for all the starts of 2018, how is state?

It is stamp rally of 7, Fujisawa Fukugami circulation starting on January 7,
This can push stamp for one month until this month 31.
As it can rotate anytime if during period, we have you participate by all means from now on,
Omen is good, and do you not reach start of this year?

We take information about visiting 7, Fujisawa Fukugami from this

January 15, 2018 08:43
Sakura Kawazu of Hikichi riverside
January 14, 2018

Good morning.


Today's photograph is state one week ago,

It is in "lower Fujigaya park" along Hikichi River

It is Sakura Kawazu.

It seems to be earlier for approximately one month than average year.

While taking a riverside walk, to Enoshima

How about extending a trip?


Enoshima now winter tulip of "jewel of Shonan"

We reach in full bloom.

The flowering situation of tulip is the following homepage, but

We can confirm.

Please come to play in spring Fujisawa, Enoshima.


The growth situation of tulip to this

January 14, 2018 09:09
Visiting 7, Fujisawa Fukugami ... Ise Grand Shrine
January 13, 2018
 Visiting 7, Fujisawa Fukugami begins, and just one week passes in the present days.
Many people are finished walking and visit the information desk with smile of one cup of satisfaction every day.

 Photograph is called "Shinmei" "shrine of Kasumori" in one of 7, Fujisawa Fukugami
It is "Ise Grand Shrine". God "Ebisu" of the Seven Deities of Good Luck is enshrined.
Because originally, as for Ebisu, sea bream to catch with guardian angel of the sea is sold highly; as God of business prosperity
We came to be worshiped. We are said to be suitable for businessmen blessed with fortune luck.

 The quiet precincts among green are solemn, and the outside world and air change; have an impression.
Everybody, please go for Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation in hope of happiness of one year, too.

January 13, 2018 08:35
Good morning
January 12, 2018
Good morning.
Feeling is transient for New Year holidays, too and is the weekend of the second week in January.

Day when wind was strong continued this week even if the sky cleared.
Stronger wind blew in the neighborhood of Katasekaigan, and what rowed bicycle had a hard time.
Mount Fuji is very clear every day and is only seen as atmosphere is clear very much.

We are having you participate in many people on visiting 7, Fujisawa Fukugami, weekdays held now.
For stamp rally having you walk long distance, weather becomes important,
As Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation is held until January 31, we have circulation by all means at this opportunity
We think of healthy January nishiteitadaketaranato.

Please refer to ↓ for participation methods of visiting 7, Fujisawa Fukugami.

January 12, 2018 08:43

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