Cluster amaryllis of the Koide River
Tens of thousands of cluster amaryllises which extend over approximately 3 kilos in length along the Koide River flowing through Endo district located in the northern part of Fujisawa-shi, and grow in colonies. Looking askance at can enjoy walk with cluster amaryllis continuing forever while seeing. As the current flowering situation is put in photograph, please see (photograph as of 2018.0920)
Fujisawa citizen Festival 2018
"Town to feel twinges. We hold the 45th Fujisawa Fujisawa citizen Festival on Sunday on Saturday, September 29, 30th. Detailed event information look at this site.
Enoshima Festival 2018 (enofesu)
Period: Welcome to town, Shonan that are used to smile for from Saturday, September 15 to Sunday, November 4. In music, art, Fra, comfortable autumn Shonan including culture saa, special time. As for the detailed information, please see ko nofesugaidobukku and official homepage, Facebook.
Every Friday is the jellyfish night
On every Friday of September, we hold special event to send classic program in conjunction with music live and water by artist with connection to Shonan by live performance by quartet in venue in fantastic "jellyfish fantasy hall" in aquarium after closing.
We go from Enoshima! Oshima / Shikinejima / Kozushima tour
Under reservation acceptance of tour plan that is very popular with Friday for Thursday, October 4, five days departing from and arriving at Enoshima! Other than Oshima, we go into service this year to Shikinejima, Kozushima!
Under fujisawa Enoshima fireworks display "pay viewing reserved seat" sale
About window sale of paid viewing reserved seat
Being sold out was accompanied, and sale in sightseeing in sightseeing in Fujisawa-shi center, Fujisawa-shi city promotion section was finished.
In addition, you can purchase even ticket agency (ticket PIA, Lawson ticket), but you stay, and please buy early as there becomes a few.
"rurubu Fujisawa" was replaced with a new one and was issued!
"rurubu Fujisawa" that information of Fujisawa-shi was jam-packed renewed and issued. Sightseeing in Fujisawa goodwill ambassador "Takeshi Tsuruno" is booklet of cover. As advantageous coupon is published, please use when you see the sights of Fujisawa-shi.
Recruitment of 2020 cheering party Fujisawa big wave start & members!
It enlivens the Olympics Paralympics triggered by 2020, and "2020 cheering party Fujisawa big waves" to connect well of future town start and are recruiting member registration now. For more details, please see official homepage.
Under parking sky information disclosure of Enoshima, Katasekaigan area
It is site that can know the situation of neighboring parking lots with smartphones before arriving at Enoshima. When Shimauchi is full, we can choose the use of easy parking lot nearby. Furthermore, please inflect by all means as you can know information such as slip roads beforehand in rate, use time for parking lot.
Under original T-shirt tote bag lunch back sale
How about Shonan, Fujisawa souvenir? We sell original T-shirt tote bag lunch background that we can purchase only here.
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